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Toxic Ink

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Open Writing Community
Toxic Ink is an open writing community founded by yours truly. I encourage all forms of creativity and self expression. Your writing can be any genre or of any subject as long as it is following LJ's terms of service and my rules for the commmunity.

1. Your writing must be written by you, any theiving of stories and sawing that you wrote them when you didn't, is not allowed in this community. You can however, take influences or poyardy someone elses work as long as you have expressed permission by the author and state the author's name/screenname in the author field (see below). All written work is copyrited to the author.
2. Constructive critism and writing advice are (and should be likewise, by the author) accepted. Critics are everywhere and early constructive critism improve writing skills. For the critic, please keep the critisms constructive.
3. Don't openly bash people/start flame wars/etc. in comments. If you don't like the artists work, either don't read it or find a better way of stating your opinion.
4. Just because I founded the community doesn't mean that you can't critisize my work/ideas too. I need the criticism and strong points pointed out too, that's one reason why I created the community.
5. The story form must be filled out (see below) and the story placed under an LJ cut. If people don't want to read something, they should have the option to read it or not.
1. What kind of stories can we post here?

Whatever you want, as long as writing is involved, this isn't a modelling or drawing community. You can, however, include drawings/pictures/animations in your stories. But any genre of stories are accepted: Fanfic, Non-fiction, young adult, fiction, Romance, fantasy, horror, songfic, poetry, anime, science fiction, erotica, etc.
2. What do you mean by rating?
Rating, from G to R/NC-17. G is for general audiences (family) and R is for mature. G, PG, PG13, R, NC-17. Like that, assign a rating to your story so people who don't wish to view content rated as whatever, can choose not to.
Story form
Fill this form out before posting your story.